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One of the great things our restaurant offers is a stamp card. When you come in to eat we will give you a stamp for every meal that you purchase, and when you fill up the card (9 stamps) you get half off up to $3.00 on your next meal. We have included the stamp spots on our business cards so you also have our phone number, address, and hours of operation all in one convenient place. We do our best to distribute these cards to interested customers, but if we happen to pass you by don't hesitate to ask for one.

Gift Cards are always available and in any denomination that you would like. Swiped just like a credit card. Easy to carry in your wallet. Please stop by during regular business hours to purchase them.

We currently offer a coupon in the local book. The coupon must be presented at purchase to receive this offer.

If you have any questions or comments regarding stamp cards or gift certificates please contact us at certificates@hockinsonkountrycafe.com