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Lora Rohde began making pies in 1998. She was taught by a veteran pie maker at a popular Vancouver diner. When her teacher retired she became the diners official pie maker. After a couple of years Lora and her husband went on to open the Hockinson Cafe in 2001 where she was able to continue and expand her skills.

Over the years both Lora and Rob have entered their favorite pies in the Clark County Fair, in turn winning a variety of blue, red, and yellow ribbons. The flavors they have entered are Apple Crumb Caramel, 3-Berry, Peach Blueberry, Raspberry Crumb, and Pecan.

We make  pie every Monday and Thursday morning. The pies listed below are not available at all times. Pies held in the case vary each week according to season and demand. 

Berry PiesCream PiesOther

Strawberry Rhubarb
Blueberry Rhubarb
Apple Rhubarb Crumb
Cherry Crumb
Cherry Lattice
3-Berry (marion., blue., rasp.)
3-Berry Crumb
Raspberry Crumb
Peach Blueberry Crumb
Apple Crumb Caramel
Apple Pecan Raisin
Sugar-free Apple
Sugar-free Marionberry
Sugar-free Raspberry
Raw Sugar Fruit Pies

Chocolate Cream
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Chocolate Mint
Banana Cream
Coconut Cream
Lemon Cream
Butterscotch Cream

Fudge Brownie
Chocolate Coconut Pecan
Pumpkin Pecan Praline

NOTE: Sugar-free pies are made with Splenda

If you have any questions, comments, please e-mail us at pies@hockinsonkountrycafe.com